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It's bigger. It's badder. Ladies and gentlemen, it's too much for Mr. Incredible!
Syndrome before revealing himself to Mr. Incredible

The Omnidroid v.9 is a robot that appears in the Pixar movie, The Incredibles. It is the ninth prototype of the Omnidroids created by Syndrome, bigger and heavily modified from the previous V.8 when it was defeated by Mr. Incredible.


The Incredibles

The Omnidroid v.9 only makes a minor appearance in the film. It ambushed Mr. Incredible in the conference room and slammed him against a boulder. It easily defeated him, seemingly anticipating his moves, before catching him in its claws. It was about to behead him, thus finishing him off, when its creator, Syndrome, intervened to reveal himself to his former childhood hero. Syndrome disabled the robot's claws to do so, and then had the Omnidroid throw him back on the ground. As Mr. Incredible and Syndrome fought, they eventually left the disengaged Omnidroid behind. The robot was never defeated, but it was used as the basis for the Omnidroid v.10, presumably upgraded to have its sensor support a laser cannon and to be capable of being transported from Nomanisan Island to Metroville. It is unknown what was done to the Omnidroid v.9.

Video Game

The Omnidroid v.9 appears in the video game of the same name as a boss in the tenth level of the game "Great Falls". Like the first Omnidroid boss, its appearance is slightly different as seen in the film. It has a yellow "visor" instead of orange and a greyish green body instead of black. In the game, the Omnidroid features attacks and abilities that do not appear in the film. Like the first Omnidroid boss, it can fire lasers from its visors, spin its whole body like a spinning top, and can also launch its claws as spinning blades at the player.



Video Games

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