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Ollie Herbert Sharker, aka Shark, is a relaxed surfer who enjoys any kind of sports in and at the water. He is laid back and fears any kind of work that does not sound like fun to him. He appears in A.T.O.M..


Shark is a blonde guy of about 1,85m height. He has blue eyes. He is athletic but not too muscular and has a round face which makes him look quite young.

His mission outfit is yellow with blue and gray details.

He is often seen wearing a blue shirt with a wave design, short white pants and blue sandals. At the beach he wears blue swim shorts and a yellow and blue colored t-shirt. His trademark sign are the yellow and orange wristbands on his right hand.


Shark is a laid back surfer and enjoys relaxing all day. If he did not have to work he would like to surf all day and sleep in a shack at the beach. He has his own view of the world and what is happening, so he usually keeps calm even in difficult situations. When it gets tough, though, he knows what to do and supports his friends in any way possible.

Shark is what you would call an optimist, being in a good mood most of the time. Yet he proved to be a true leader type when Axel got poisoned and could not lead the team.


Axel Manning

Shark trusts the leader of the team completely. Axel knows that there is more to Shark than meets the eye and entrusts him with the leadership when he gets poisoned by Paine's minions. Even though he does not remember it later, he made the right decision as Shark proved himself to be a true leader.

Cray Kingston (King)

Even though the two of them tease each other a lot, they are good friends and get along well.

Catalina Leone (Lioness)

Shark seems to have a crush on her at first, but it becomes obvious that he is not interested in her in that way. They get along very well.

Zach Hawkes (Hawk)

Hawk is Shark's best friend on the team and they spend a lot of time together. Even though they are a weird duo and the rest of the team does not want to leave them alone as they fear they could get in trouble, Hawk and Shark proved that they are capable of solving problems together.

Dr. Rachel Logan

Rachel is a scientist in the field of biotechnology and oceanography who is working for the government. Shark seems to like her a lot and she also has feelings for him, which can be seen on her frequent flirting with him.


Shark's old surfing teacher. They are like best friends and have almost every character trait in common. They like the same sandwiches and even have a crush on the same girl. After a surfing accident Pipeline disappeared and Shark meets him again a few years later.


Due to his excellent surfing skills Shark has a great balance and is very agile. He is not really a fighter, yet he is good at dodging attacks and distracting enemies. As a former student of oceanography, Shark knows a lot about the sea and its inhabitants. One could say that he is good at anything concerning water.