You didn't save my life, you ruined my death, that's what you did!
―Oliver Sansweet to Mr. Incredible

Oliver Sansweet was a minor antagonist in The Incredibles. He makes a brief appearance in The Incredibles. He is one of the initial reasons for the ban of Superheroics and Anti-Super Legislation.


Oliver Sansweet was a former accountant for the bank. He, however, hated his job, and attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a large building. It was foiled by Mr. Incredible, resulting him to wind up in a neck brace (which his lawyer claims causes him daily pain). He then angrily sues Mr. Incredible for saving him, even though he didn’t ask to be saved, nor did he even want to be saved. This Law Suit opened the flood gates of more Legal Action against Supers, such as those suing for Collateral Injury, when Mr. Incredible stopped a train from plummeting from a broken bridge. It is unknown what happened to Oliver Sansweet after 15 years has passed and Syndrome's death, although he probably still lives (unless he tried to commit suicide again).


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