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Oliver's Old Kitten Friends are the kittens that were adopted at the beginning of Disney's 1988 movie, Oliver & Company.

Role in the film

The kittens, including Oliver, are first seen in a cardboard box, playing with each other when they are each bought by their future owners. There are eight of them at the beginning. One by one, they are adopted in one day. Soon, there are only two left, which are Oliver and a black and white one. The latter is taken by a boy, leaving Oliver by himself. The sign that said, "Kitties Need Home $5.00," later shows $3 and then since Oliver was the only one left, he is for free. During the rest of the day, Oliver waits to be adopted, but it never happens. That night, the rain destroys Oliver's cardboard box, leaving him on the streets by himself. The next day, Oliver makes friends with friendly dogs, Dodger, Francis, Einstein, Rita, and Tito, and is adopted by their master, Fagin. The very day, Oliver is finally adopted by a cute and pretty little wealthy girl named Jenny Foxworth and makes friends with her family's butler, Winston, and her spoiled prize-winning poodle, Georgette (in a way, at first and finally, in the end).



  • In the beginning of another Disney movie, Life Is Ruff, a box of free puppies, instead of kittens, shows a golden one named Tyco and five black ones. Like Oliver's old kitten friends, the black ones are given a home. Only the golden one is left.
  • Out of eight kittens, only two were seen resembling exactly the same, two light blue ones with purple noses, medium light blue ears, and three dark blue stripes on their backs (almost like Oliver).
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