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The Old Prisoner is a minor character in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is an elderly man who serves as a returning gag in the film, where he is accidentally freed from a prison, cheers in joy, and ends up trapping himself in yet another prison.

Role in the film

When Esmeralda and her goat Djali try to escape from Frollo's soldiers, she knocks a large cage which contains an old prisoner in it to the ground, and it rolls away with Esmeralda and Djali riding on top of it and then jumping off it, causing it to land on top of the soldiers and knock them out, and sets the old prisoner free.

When the Old Prisoner realizes he is free, he happily screams "I'm free, I'm free!" But as he gets out of the cage, he hits his left foot on the cage, which causes him to trip and land into a stockade which closes and causes him to be imprisoned again, to which he says "Dang it!".

A few days later, as the citizens of Paris and the French army are fighting Frollo's soldiers, one of the soldiers accidentally breaks the lock off the stockade with a beam, to which the Old Prisoner becomes free again. Once again, he happily celebrates his freedom by screaming "I'm free, I'm free!".

He's so busy celebrating his freedom, that he doesn't notice where he's walking, and falls into a hole with a sign next to it that says "Mon Sewer". After this, he once again says "Dang it!" He isn't seen throughout the rest of the film after this, and is presumed to be rescued by the French army.



  • The Old Prisoner's design bares a striking resemblance to Jafar's beggar disguise in the film Aladdin, released four years earlier.

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