Old Moe is a rather bedraggled looking racing horse, who proves that slow and steady may indeed win the race. He appeared in the 1948 animated short, They're Off.

Old Moe first appears as he and the other thoroughbreds enter the race track and head for the starting gate. He appears not to be in the best shape or condition for racing, which is evident by his sagging and awkward moves, his sagging body, and his somber facial expression. While alking to the starting gate, Old Moe only moves his front legs forward with his hind legs standing and his body stretching, and stops his front legs while only moving his hind legs and contracting his body.

During the race, Old Moe is seen trailing behind the other horses. In the final stretch of the race, Snapshot trips the other horses, but Old Moe surprisingly jumps over Snapshots leg and slowly gallops ahead of him, much to Snapshot's shock. Snapshot catches up to Old Moe and competes with him neck and neck. Old Moe's jockey tries to cheat by bringing himself before the horse so to help him lead the race. Old Moe quickly grabs his jockey by his breeches an Snapshot notices the jockey ahead of him and pulls ahead leading by the nose. Snapshot appears to have won when they cross the finish line. However, the photo shows that Old Moe has won because Snapshot posed for the photo allowing Old Moe to pass him and cross the finish line first.