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Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, better known as Old Man McGucket, is a recurring character in the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. He is one of the oldest known people in Gravity Falls, Oregon and is the local kook.


Sometime in the 1970's, Fiddleford attended Backupsmore University, where he met and later befriended Stanford Pines. According to Ford, Fiddleford was a young but brilliant mechanic. Following his graduation, he eventually settled down in a suburb home out in Palo Alto, California, where he established his own business and tried to sell personal computers in his garage. He then received a call from Ford, asking him to come up to Gravity Falls, Oregon and help him build a Universe Portal-- to which Ford considered was his greatest scientific achievement. Fiddleford agreed and headed out.

Throughout the construction, Fiddleford designed a prototype of his laptops to follow along with the portals research. As time went he on, he began to grow suspicious of Ford's odd behavior (who had been working with Bill Cipher at the time) often leading to confrontations between the two, unaware of Bill and the alliance he had with Ford. As months went on and the project was nearly complete, the two prepared their first test with the machine, which ended up backfiring as Fiddleford accidentally got dragged into the portal with the dummy. After a brief glimpse at the other side of the portal and being pulled out by Ford, Fiddleford remained horrified, getting a glimpse of the true nature of Bill Cipher, and realizing that Ford had been getting answers from the him. Fiddleford urged Ford to abandon the project, immediately after quitting himself.

Shortly after, Fiddleford remained in Gravity Falls, but contentiously found himself slipping deeper into insanity, remaining haunted by what he saw. This then drove him to creating a memory erasing gun, permanently reliving him from his terrible nightmares. After further learning the strange properties and anomalies in Gravity Falls, Fiddleford began excessively using the memory erasing gun on himself, eventually founding an organization he called the Blind Eye Society, in hopes of reliving other townsfolk of their scarring encounters with the supernatural. Unfortunately, the side effects for excessively using the device began to kick in, such as forgetting words and even by extent getting hit by a car. The overuse of the contraption ended up completely transforming Fiddleford from his genius self into a crazed old man, now known as Old Man McGucket, the insane local kook of the town.

Although the exact time points haven't been specified, McGucket got married and later had a son, Tate McGucket. Sometime after, his wife left him, driving him to build a homicidal Pterodactyl robot in revenge. He also built a 80-ton 'shame bot' when his friend Ernie didn't come to his retirement party.

Role in the series

Season 1

Old man yelling

Old Man McGucket yelling at Mabel and Dipper.

In "The Legend of the Gobblewonker", McGucket is seen running up to everyone and telling them that he actually saw The Gobblewonker and that it wrecked his boat but he is made fun of by the crowd and the police. Later it turns out that he built a mechanical version of The Gobblewonker to gain attention because his son never wants to spend time with him any more. He also tells the twins that he also made a homicidal pterodactyl when his wife left him and an 80 ton shame bot when his friend Ernie didn't come to his retirement party. Then he continued on working on his Death Ray.

In "Headhunters", McGucket was present at the re-opening of the Gravity Falls Wax Museum. He also asked if the wax statues were alive and if he could survive the wax man uprising to which Mabel answered yes. Dipper and Mabel later find him at the junkyard near a dog house. They wave at him to see if he uses his right or left and he waves with his right hand which has a caiman on it.

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel", McGucket rows the gondola that Mabel and 'Lil Gideon use on their date.

In "Dipper vs. Manliness", McGucket is seen drinking coffee at the Greasy's Diner. He also attends Grunkle Stan's party in "Double Dipper". Pacifica Northwest bribes him with money to applaud for her, causing her to win the Party Queen crown.        

He appears in "Irrational Treasure" celebrating Pioneer Day by gold panning and telling children at the library to eat books.

He appears in "Fight Fighters" at the Arcade playing the defective arcade game, "Ho-Down Hero" and says he has been "jigging for seven days straight!".

In "Little Dipper", he is seen at Gleeful's Auto Sale, wanting to buy a damaged used car. McGucket later wins ten million dollars by being the runner-up winner in a contest (the first place winner was Grunkle Stan, who turned down the offer). He then eats the check.

In "Summerween", he is about to blow out the final Summerween Jack-o-Melon, but Dipper, Mabel, Candy, and Grenda stop him from doing so.

In "Bottomless Pit!", he appears in Dipper's story, "Voice Over," as he gives Dipper a voice-altering formula when he is embarrassed by his voice cracking. After Dipper comes back, unsatisfied with the voice induced by the formula, McGucket gives him another, though Dipper does not drink this one.

In "Carpet Diem", he is seen chasing Soos (in Waddles' body) in order to eat him. He ends up changing bodies with Candy Chiu and other characters when he follows Soos into the room with the Electron Carpet at the Mystery Shack. After everyone changed back to their normal bodies, McGucket still threatened to eat Soos.

In "Boyz Crazy", McGucket appears at the Gravity Falls Civic Center and Buffet when Mabel, Candy and Grenda practice their "obsessed boy band scream". McGucket is apparently a fan of Sev'ral Timez, as he is later seen cheering at their concert. He is also spotted riding through the crowd in the background.

In "Land Before Swine", Old Man McGucket first appears at the abandoned church where he tags along with the gang to find Waddles in the abandoned mines and to get back his musical spoons that were stolen by the enraged pterodactyl. After Soos breaks Dipper's lantern, everyone begins to fight but Old Man Mcgucket holds up a new lantern, saying that he fixed it, unaware of the adult pterodactyl behind him. Later, in the baby pterodactyl's nest, Dipper asks him if he has any inventions that could save them. He rummages through his hat for a while and then says "nope". Old Man McGucket then ends up getting eaten by a baby pterodactyl, and pops out for a few seconds, but then gets gobbled up once again. Later, he is shown popping up from the hole in the church and saying "I just ate my way through a dinosaur!" while playing the spoons and laughing insanely.

He built the Gideon-bot for Gideon in "Gideon Rises".


In "Mabel's Guide to Fashion," Mabel, Candy and Grenda give him a "flash makeover," which amounts to them drawing a smiley face on the back of his head, covering his actual face with his beard, and having him walk backwards. He doesn't mind walking backwards, claiming it's the way his body naturally wants to move.

Season 2

In "The Golf War," McGucket is asleep on the course, appearing confused about his location after being awoken by Mabel's golf ball. He is later referenced in a cryptogram appearing after the credits.

In "Sock Opera," he appears in sock puppet form in a dream Mabel has during the credits.

In the "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" segment, Hands Off, he is seen at the Gravity Falls Swap Meet, running a stall that sells "Whosits and Whatsits."


  • In Carpet Diem, it is revealed he may be a cannibal.


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