Obake is a mysterious villain in Big Hero 6: The Series, serving as the main antagonist of the first season. Though his motives and machinations are unknown, Obake's sinister demeanor and unique ability to corrupt and control technology, threatens the city of San Fransokyo.

Role in the series

The mysterious villain makes a hidden appearance in "Baymax Returns", as he gives Yama his orders through phone calls to him and using his hacking to show Yama the item that he wants him to collect, where he could find it or to punish him. At the end of the television pilot, he makes a silhouette appearance of his back as he observes Big Hero 6 on the monitor screen from his lair.

Throughout the first half of the series, Obake hires operatives, such as Globby and the Mad Jacks to do his bidings. At the same time he monitors Big Hero 6's activity, and takes a suppressible interest in Hiro Hamada. In "Failure Mode" He hires Globby to steal a priceless painting known as the "City Rising", which had blueprints hidden underneath. The blueprints were for some sort of machine that was designed by artist and scientist Lenore Shimamoto. In "The Impatient Patient", Obake hires the Mad Jacks to steal a valuable hard that Alistair Krei bought on the black market. Little did anyone know, that it was Obake who sold Krei the hard drive, and he used the Mad Jacks to get Krei paranoid enough to keep the secrets on the hard drive to himself. The hard drive itself was actually a bug that allowed Obake to hack into Krei's computers once he plugged it in. Once inside Krei Tech's systems, he not only gained access to top secret projects, but also uncovered Hiro's secret identity.

Following this discovery, Obake makes it his mission to uncover the identities of the five remaining members of the team, and goes about this by stealing and reprogramming Noodle Burger's animatronic mascot in "Killer App". With Noodle Burger Boy's ability to obtain personal information of customers by scanning them, Obake sends it out to retrieve information on Big Hero 6. The mission is a success, and by the end of the episode, Obake "gets to know" the true indentities of Honey Lemon, Baymax, Go Go Tomago, Fred and Wasabi.


  • 'Obake' (おばけ) means "monster" or "apparition" in Japanese.
  • Obake has a one eyed ogre-like logo that appears on the screens and monitors he hacks into.



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