Criminently, now I know why your mother called you Nutsy.
―Sheriff of Nottingham

Nutsy is one of the dimwitted vultures and one of the two quaternary antagonists from Disney's 1973 film Robin Hood, alongside with Trigger, who formerly served as one of the henchmen to Prince John during King Richard's absence. Then, after King Richard returned, he takes orders from King Richard, along with Trigger.


Physical Description

Nutsy is one of the henchmen to the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is usually seen wearing a purple cloak and hood, and is seen at one point with a battle axe.


Robin Hood

Nutsy is first seen during Prince John's archery tournament. His fellow vulture Trigger mans a pie salesbooth, while Nutsy helps the Sheriff cheat during the tournament. During the final shootout, Nutsy hides in the target, and moves the target to allow the Sheriff to get a bulls-eye.

Nutsy is later seen assisting the Sheriff in setting up the gallows. Nutsy abruptly decides to test the trap door while the Sheriff is standing on it, resulting in the Sheriff falling down and getting stuck, after which he states he now knows how Nutsy got his name. Robin Hood, disguised as a blind beggar, comes to get information on the recently imprisoned Friar Tuck. Nutsy and Trigger are fooled, and reveal that Friar Tuck is scheduled to be hanged the next dawn for treason. Nutsy accidentally blabs the plan behind the hanging; the proposed execution is actually a plot to capture Robin Hood, who would certainly attempt to come to his friend's rescue. According to the plan, Robin Hood would then be hanged alongside the Friar.

Afterwards, Nutsy assists the Sheriff in guarding the jail. Nutsy functions as a watchman, and annoys the Sheriff with his constant announcements. While on patrol, Nutsy is captured by Robin Hood and Little John. Robin Hood steals Nutsy's clothing, to use as a disguise in order to break into the jail.

Trigger and Nutsy are seen at the end of the film, apparently reformed by King Richard. They are shown guarding the imprisoned Prince John, Sir Hiss, and the Sheriff. When the newlywed Robin Hood and Maid Marian pass by in their carriage, Nutsy orders Trigger to "present arms" which leads Trigger to accidentally fire his crossbow.

House of Mouse

Nutsy makes a appearance as a guest in the TV series House of Mouse.


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