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The Nutcracker Suite dancers are characters who appear in the "Nutcracker Suite" segment of the film Fantasia.

Appearances and role in the film

  • Fairies: The Fairies are tiny creatures that have control over nature. There are different types of them to control over each season. They appear in the form of tiny little women with a single color on them according to their abilities, with leathery wings. They are completely naked like the cupids in "The Pastoral Symphony". They have different types. The first are the Dewdrop Fairies, who make dewdrops in flowers and webs and have different colors (pink, red, green, emerald with yellow, blue and orange) when they are dancing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the first dance of the segment. The other types of fairies are the Summer Fairies, who are green and change spring to summer. After they have woken up and gone away another type, the Autumn Fairies, who are orange and grey and change summer to autumn, make the leaves fall and change color. Next are the ice blue colored Frost Fairies who wake up, turning autumn to winter, icing the lakes and rivers. The last are the Snowflake Fairies who have pale color skin and wear crowns. Around their bodies they wear a snowflake and fall to earth, making snow. The fairies of summer, autumn and winter dance the Waltz of the Flowers, which is the last dance of this segment.
  • Hop Low and the Dancing Mushrooms: A charming dance sequence of six mushrooms plus an adorably tiny featured mushroom named Hop Low who is out of step with the rest of the group and steals the show. They are dancing the Chinese Dance with Hop Low always missing steps. The mushrooms make a cameo appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Hop Low's name is never mentioned in the program but mentioned in the film's theatrical trailer and also gave to Hop Low the nickname Dopey of the mushrooms.
  • The Dancing Flowers (based on the blossoms) play a similar role to that of the Dancing Mushrooms, coming to life due to the fairies' magic. They are dancing the Dance of the Reed Flutes. These flowers dancing in a river leading by a white flower (the others are pink, orange, yellow and blue) and make a circle around it. Finally all fall from a water fall and make bubbles.
  • The Goldfish: They do not strictly dance, but swim around accompanied by the music. They are dancing the Arabian Dance. The goldfish in the beginning is alone but later many other different colored (pink, red and yellow with blue spots) and in the end all together finish with tail moves by making bubbles.
  • The Dancing Thistles and the Dancing Orchids perform the Russian Dance. The Dancing Thistles take the form of Cossacks and the Dancing Orchids take the form of peasant girls. In the beginning many thistles with different color series (white, pink, rose, red, orange and yellow) dancing and after dancing the orchids again with color series (white, pink, yellow, blue, violet and orange) and finally the thistles and the orchids dancing in couples and turn in their normal form. They are seen on the wallpaper of a Toontown hotel in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


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