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"Nugget of History" is the fifty-eighth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Moseby's grandmother, Rose Moseby (Phill Lewis in a dual role), comes to visit, and helps Zack with his history paper about "Fascinating Firsts of the 1940s", which he writes based on a man named Hugh Mulzac, whom according to Rose was the captain of the first desegregrated ship crew. But Zack gets a "D" because the teacher claims that the facts in Zack's paper are inaccurate, and he also gets a week of detention when Zack talks back trying to defend his assignment. Zack gets help from Grandma Moseby to prove Zack's history teacher was wrong. Meanwhile, London gets a job at Cluck Bucket with Maddie. When London causes Maddie to get her old job back as "Hillary Hen", Maddie becomes furious; but when London is in trouble, it is up to a reluctant Maddie to save her.

Guest star

  • Oliver Muirhead as Mr. Duatch

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