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Not a Monkey is the first half of the 21st episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Fang gets an illness, so Uncle Oswidge and Dave take her to the doctor. The doctor says that Fang gets the illness that only monkeys get. Fang can only get the cure from the island far far away. The cure is berries. After a long cruise, they reach the island. Fang sets out to find the berries, but she is taken away by a pack of monkeys that coincidentally look just like her, and Fang begins to wonder if she actually IS a monkey. They accept her at first but when she eats the berries and isn't cured, Fang realizes she is not a monkey. But she is in trouble when she gets chased by monkeys, Dave is chased by gorillas, and Faffy is chased by lemons. Lula, meanwhile, stays at the hotel.

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