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Nora is the tritagonist of Disney's 1977 feature film Pete's Dragon.



Nora is very strong-willed, caring, kind and loving.

Physical Description

Nora is a slender woman with curly and long, brown ponytailed hair and fair skin.

Role in the film

Nora is first seen arriving at the pub, where her father, Lampie goes for a drink, and accidentally knocks him down to the ground after opening the door while looking for him as he sings I Saw a Dragon" especially after he met an orphan boy named Pete and his dragon, Elliott and tries to convince everyone about it.

Later, at night, she takes her father back home and puts him to bed as he continues to describe every event that occurred during his first encounter with Pete and Elliott. Then, she goes out to the lighthouse until she notices Pete walking "alone" into a nearby cave next to shore.


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