"No Momo" is a song heard in the "Ducky Momo Turns Evil" segment in "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror". A snippet of the "Ducky Momo Theme Song" is heard.


You thought you were alone,
But then you hear a floorboard creak.
And from the shadows you see two crazy eyes
And a little orange beak.

Then you hear a noise that makes your heart skip a beat.
It's the creepy pitter patter of his little webbed feet.
You say, "No, no, no! No Momo!"

Might as well say, "Hello". You can sense that he's near.
But now you know why yellow is the color of fear.
You say, "No, no, no! No Momo!"
(Ducky Mo, Ducky Momo)
You say, "No, no, no! No Momo!"
(Ducky Mo, Ducky Momo)

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