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Lambie Swing

Niles is Donny's toy crane with a bandaged arm from the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins.


In Wrap It Up, about his old bandage being removed, Niles is nervous about it and doesn't want Doc to remove it, but Doc tries to promise him that she'll be gentle and that it won't take long. In the clinic, Doc calls Niles' illness 'YOB (Yucky Old Bandage) Osis'. She gets ready to remove the old bandage, but Niles still refuses a new one. Doc calms his nerves by having Stuffy and Lambie to distract him while he takes off every bit of his bandage. As Doc pulls off the last bit of bandage, she says bye-bye to it. Hallie then wipes some dirtiness off his arm and Doc wraps a new bandage round it. As Niles sings the "I Feel Better" song, he swings Lambie on his hook. When they go back outside, the gang play superheroes and get the "magic teacup" back from the Wicked King, with help from Super Stuffy, Super Lambie and Super Niles.


  • Wrap It Up (first appearance)
  • Hallie's Happy Birthday

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