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Nikki Ortiz is a girl that moved to Pasadena, California from El Salvador.


Nikki is smart, beautiful, sweet, and talented. When she moved she started to visit her neighbors, which Avery called sweet and dangerous. A lot of guys have a crush on her, as when she said people started to give her their phone numbers and e-mail adresses. When she saw Tyler she suddenly crushes him and accepted a date with him. She has a pomeranian named Evita. She thinks Evita and Stan are best friends (not knowing Stan dislikes her a lot). She believes Tyler is a dog whisperer. Avery and her agree that she can do everything.


Tyler James

Tyler is Nikki's boyfriend, as of "Dog Loses Girl."

Avery Jennings

Avery is Nikki's friend. Avery taught her how to whistle, which made Nikki like each other. However, they had a fight, and settled it but it is unknown if they are still friends.


Season 1

  • Wingstan
  • Dog Loses Girl


  • Nikki did not know how to whistle until Avery taught her.
  • According to Avery, she knows how to do everything but whistle, until Avery taught her.
  • Nikki has a Pomeranian named Evita, who Stan dislikes
  • Nikki moved from El Salvador
  • Nikki believes that Tyler can communicate with dogs
  • Nikki is an excellent artist (shown when painting a forest instead of a flower) and a dumb then smart whistler (shown when whislting Beethoven's Symphony #5)
  • She was a little confused when she moved from El Salvador she thought was even Rose Queen and didn't even know it.

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