Nightmare Ned is a short-lived animated television show which ran from April 19, 1997 to August 9, 1997 on ABC. Based on an eponymous video game developed by Creative Capers Entertainment and Window Painters Ltd.,[3] the show focuses on the life of Ned Needlemeyer (voiced by Courtland Mead), a 10-year-old boy that deals with his daily problems through dark, quirky nightmares. The show ran over budget, and was cancelled after only 12 episodes were produced.[4]

The show had Donovan Cook as its producer and director. Cook previously created 2 Stupid Dogs.[5]

Video game

The show is based on a computer game, released in 1997. Developed by Creative Capers Entertainment and Window Painters Ltd. and published by Disney Interactive Studios, the game features Ned as he travels through five different adventure portals into nightmare world such as the Graveyard, Alcatraz Elementary School, the Medical Nightmare, Attic, Basement and Beyond, and the Bathroom. You start at the Quilt, where you can choose from the five nightmare worlds. You only have 8 times to go to the Quilt, but there are secret passages in each portal that take you to another portal. There is one "shadow creature" for every world. Throughout these nightmares; by defeating creatures and completing small tasks, a small part of the shadow creature is revealed with 3 pieces for each. After each section is completed, the shadow creature becomes someone (or something) from reality who is connected with that issue. In the Graveyard Nightmare, the shadow creature turns into Ned's grandfather at the end, because Ned was worried about him dying. In the Medical Nightmare, the creature turns into a nurse named Dr. Klutzchnik. Ned was scared about getting sick and having to get a shot. In the Alcatraz Elementary School, the creature turns into Billy, a bully who just wanted to be friends with Ned. Ned simply wanted him to stop calling him "Melonhead". In the Attic, Basement and Beyond, the creature turns into a girl named Sally with a weird doll whom she calls "Sandy Patty Cake". She found it in the trash. Finally, in the Bathroom Nightmare, the creature turns into Ned's bathroom toilet who, in the nightmare, can talk. There are two endings to the game. The "bad" ending is when you use up all 8 "Quilt tries". Ned ends up still being scared of everything. The "good" ending is where Ned wakes up and isn't scared. As a result, the shadow creatures don't know what to do anymore (although one suggests they perform medical procedures on each other).

Voice cast


  • Ned Needlemeyer: The show's protagonist. He is a 10-year-old boy who deals with his troubles through his nightmares. Voiced by Courtland Mead.
  • Ed Needlemeyer: Ned's father. He constantly tries to help Ned with his problems, but this does not occur often. Voiced by Brad Garrett.
  • Mrs. Needlemeyer: Ned's mother. She is the only one in the family who tries to understand Ned's nightmares. Voiced by Victoria Jackson.
  • Amy Needlemeyer: Ned's baby sister.
  • Conrad and Vernon: Two bullies who constantly pick on Ned. They are named after Conrad Vernon, who served as one of the storyboard artists of the show. Conrad is voiced by Jeff Bennett, while Vernon is voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Ms. Bundt: Ned's teacher. Voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Episode list

# Title Original Airdate
1 Ned's Life as a Dog 4/19/1997
1 A Doll's House 4/19/1997
2 Robot Ned 4/26/1997
2 Dapper Dan 4/26/1997
3 Monster Ned 5/3/1997
3 The Ants 5/3/1997
4 Magic Bus 5/10/1997
4 Until Undeath Do Us Part 5/10/1997
5 Headless Lester 5/17/1997
5 My, How You've Grown, Part 1 5/17/1997
5 My, How You've Grown, Part 2 5/17/1997
6 Tooth or Consequences 5/24/1997
6 Show Me the Infidel 5/24/1997
7 Willie Trout 5/31/1997
7 House of Games 5/31/1997
8 Girl Trouble 6/7/1997
8 Canadian Bacon 6/7/1997
9 Abduction 6/14/1997
9 Bad Report Card 6/14/1997
10 Testing...Testing... 6/21/1997
10 The Accordion Lesson 6/21/1997
11 Along for the Ride 6/28/1997
11 Steamed Vegetables 6/28/1997
12 Lucky Abe (One Cent Ned) 8/09/1997
12 The Dentist 8/09/1997
12 The Ballad of Vernon & Conrad 8/09/1997


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