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The Nightmare Nation is a location from the comic book Disney Kingdoms: Figment, based on the Literature section of the original Journey into Imagination attraction.

Background Information

Feared by everyone in the realms of Imagination, the Nightmare Nation is a swirling dark mass of clouds and creatures that consumes unwary travelers and entraps and breaks them by playing off their fears and doubts, communicating like a hivemind. When Figment, Blair, and friends are trapped inside, they are separated and trapped individually. While the others are caught in the monstrous clouds, Blair falls to an ocean of books and words, floating on a book labeled "Tales of Terror" and nearly losing all hope, which causes Figment to be reduced to nothing but a spark. Figment's spark manages to find the despairing Blair and rekindle his creative spirit, turning him into the Dreamfinder who uses the power of light to open a path for everyone to escape.

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