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"Night at the Lazerama" is the fifty-sixth episode overall and the fifth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


For his first official monster hunting assignment, Justin is dispatched to capture a mind controlling mummy after all of the other monster hunters are apparently killed in action. Arriving at the museum, Justin and Juliet end up getting trapped in an exhibit with a soundproof plastic window, leaving them unable to call for help and the window itself immune to Justin's magic. Justin believes that they can wait until morning for a worker to let them out, but quickly realizes otherwise when he remembers that exposure to sunlight will incinerate Juliet. Justin ultimately decides that Juliet needs to look in the mummy's eyes and become his slave in order to leave so she will not be destroyed, though he promises to hunt down the mummy and save Juliet one day.

Meanwhile, Alex, in an attempt to sabotage Max's increasingly good behavior and gain a better chance at winning the wizard competition, has Harper separate Conscience from Max, and Max's behavior becomes increasingly horrific; however, she quickly rushes to fix the problem when Jerry informs her that Conscience will become his own person if he is separated from Max for too long. After reuniting Max and his conscience, Alex discovers Justin's plight and rushes to save him, but arrives too late to save Juliet from the mummy.


  • Please please, tell me now, is there something I should know, Duranium, Duranius – shows something people "might want to know" in a picture frame
  • Scrubby dubby, into the tubby – turns someone into a washing machine
  • Argile, bobby, tube, knee high, into socks, turn this guy – turns someone into a pair of socks

Magical Objects

  • Mummies and vampires (which are both monsters)

Special Guest Star

  • Moisés Arias as Max's Conscience

Guest starring

  • Bridgit Mendler as Juliet Van Heusen, John Eric Bentley as Mummy, Andy Kindler as Chancellor Tootietootie


  • Nicole J. Butler as Customer, Adam Irigoyen as New Conscience


  • This is the third and final part of the saga advertised as "The Chronicles of Moises: Voice of Reason!". Strangely, Juliet tells Justin that sunlight will turn her into ash, when she was shown walking outside in broad daylight several times with no apparent ill effects during the "Wizards vs. Vampires" saga. However, as Juliet's vampire development has been rather slow, it could be possible that she has only recently inherited this weakness. In this episode, Harper mentions "Jeremy From Science", a name Alex gave to a goblin to cover her wizard secret from Harper in the episode "Harper Knows".

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