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Background information
Feature films Finding Nemo
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions Finding Nemo: The Musical
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Geoffrey Rush
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Friendly, helpful, resourceful, comical, pleasant, cheerful, tough
Appearance Large and slender brown pelican with white plumage and a big orange bill
Occupation Pelican
Alignment Good
Goal To support and help Nemo
Home Sydney, Australia
Allies The Tank Gang, other pelicans, Nemo, Marlin, Dory
Enemies Philip Sherman, Darla Sherman, the Seagulls
Likes Watching the dentist work with patients, telling Nemo about his father's adventures
Dislikes The seagulls, sad things
Powers and abilities Flight, speed
Weapons Beak
Fate Drops Marlin and Dory off and flies away.
Quote "Nemo?"
"That's it! Marlin! The little clownfish from the reef."

Nigel is a brown pelican and supporting character in Finding Nemo.


Finding Nemo

Nigel was friends with the Tank Gang, and also met Nemo after he ended up joining them (due to being taken from his habitat by the dentist). However, he is usually driven out by the dentist shortly thereafter. Nigel later told Nemo about his dad Marlin's attempt to find Nemo after hearing it from his pelican friends, which gave Nemo a new drive at sabotaging the filter. He is also annoyed by the Seagulls.

Nigel eventually meets Marlin and his partner Dory when they end up nearly being eaten by his friend Gerald, and after discovering who they were, he quickly makes Gerald spit out Marlin and Dory. He tries to explain to them that he knows Nemo, but they attempt to flee as they weren't willing to be eaten by him. However, Nigel helps Marlin and Dory escape certain death by the Seagulls and brings them to the dentist's office. When he, Marlin and Dory think that Nemo is dead, Nigel takes them to a nearby buoy, puts Dory and Marlin back into the water, and leaves saying, "I'm so sorry. Truly, I am."

Nigel is last seen in the ending credits (apparently after learning Nemo is alive after all).

Disney Parks

Nigel appears as a large puppet in Finding Nemo: The Musical and in the promotion for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, appeared as an animatronic attached to the Sub Bus and introduced Crush for a traveling version of Turtle Talk with Crush.


Nigel is a Pelican who loves to spend hours in the dentist office window, diagnosing dental problems with his fish friends in the tank.[1]


  • "An outie. From my neck of the woods, eh? Sorry if I ever took a snap at you. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat."
  • "I heard he took on three."
  • "Fasten your seat belts!"
  • "I got something to tell ya."
  • "Oh, will you just shut up?! You're rats with wings!"


  • Nigel was voiced by Geoffrey Rush who also plays Captain Barbossa.
  • Brown pelicans' (Pelecanus occidentalis) geographical distribution don't extend to Australia; they are only found in the Americas.
  • Nigel was voiced in German by Thomas Fritsch. In German, his name is Niels.


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