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Nicki Peterson was a student at Bayside High School. She was known for keeping a posse of "hairspray girls". Her only appearance was in The Parties. She is a terrible friend and hates pineapples, pizza, and makeup. She is really annoying.

Season 1

Raven (Raven-Symoné) planned to throw a party, but was upset to hear that Nicki was throwing one herself at the same time. Raven believed her chances were done until a popular boy named Ricky Rodriguez agreed on going to Raven's party because he hated the Giants, a baseball team Nicki's father played for. In retaliation, Nicki sent an e-mail to the students that Raven moved her party one week ahead. The students arrived to Raven's house while she had a face mask on and her parents were wearing spandex. The party-goers thought Raven forgot her own party and wound up going to Nicki's.

Raven wanted revenge and invited Nicki to her house on the night of the party. Raven messed up her hair, got her all sticky, covered her in feathers, and got her soaking wet. Just as Raven was about to cut the camera on with a live feed to Nicki's party, she decided to go against it so she wouldn't become Nicki.

Nicki changed, but didn't show mercy and insulted Raven's dress. In retaliation, Raven didn't tell Nicki that the flowers were loaded with poison ivy.


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