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Nick "Loop'n" Lopez is a character in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Official Description

By 1978, Nick “Loop’n” Lopez was America’s favorite helicopter cop, featured on TV’s CHoPs, a show about two California Helicopter Patrol choppers. Nick, the troublemaking macho young officer, got the nickname “Loop’n” from his signature inside loop, which no other helicopter could perform.[1]

Nick is a Hughes 369D.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

In Planes: Fire & Rescue, Nick appears in an episode of CHoPs that Dusty Crophopper and all of the firefighters except Blade Ranger were watching called "Disco Inferno", where he helps Blazin' Blade to catch a criminal named Chuck Shocks and save a female car named Pinta from a burning studio. Afterwards, Sergeant "Rhodey" Rhodes Graeter tells him and Blade that they did a good job, and Nick states to Blade that Pinta has a sister named Peggy.

While Blade was being repaired after he got injured upon protecting Dusty from a fire, Maru tells Dusty that Nick was killed in a severe accident during filming of CHoPs' 139th episode, and Blade was unable to save Nick in time, resulting in the show being cancelled, and Blade to quit his job as an actor and move to Piston Peak National Park.


  • "CHoPs" is a parody of CHiPs, a real TV show that Nick's actor Erik Estrada starred in as highway patrolman Frank Poncherello.
    • Nick and Blazin' Blade Ranger have the exact same helmets as Estrada and Larry Wilcox in the show CHiPs.
    • Coincidentally enough, CHiPs was cancelled after 139 episodes due to Erik Estrada being injured in a severe accident. However, unlike Nick, who perished, Estrada actually eventually survived and recovered from that accident, which is why he is there to voice Nick today.


  1. Meet the Characters from Planes: Fire & Rescue

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