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Technically the very first Disney films ever made, the Newman Laugh-O-Grams were each about a minute long, and were made in 1921 by Walt Disney all by himself in a garage he rented from his father. They include:

  • A video of Walt Disney sitting at his desk, drawing a picture of a criminal being kicked out of Kansas city.
  • A video of Walt Disney's hand drawing a picture of a pair of women's legs in stockings in the middle of the paper with the top halves of two women on either side of her.
  • A video of Disney's hand drawing a picture of someone driving a car that's in mid-bounce on a bumpy road.
  • An animation of policemen walking into a police station, then being fired and literally thrown out before someone hangs a "cops wanted" sign on the station.

Like everything made during that time, they were all silent.


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