Chyna's crush, the new kid
New Kid is a student at Webster High School whose name is unknown. He appears only in The PhANTom LockerChyna is always trying to talk to him because she has a crush on him. She wrote him a song, titled "Hey, New Kid", although she never performed it for him, most likely because she was too nervous or maybe she took Olive's advice of changing it because it was too "spitty". She attempted to leave a note in his locker stating that she had feelings for him and asking if he liked her back. She ended up putting it in the locker next to it, though, which belonged to Angus.

Upon receiving it, he wrote on it, gave it back to Chyna, and when she read it, it said "no", much to her anger. Angus comments "Don't hate the player, hate the game" and walks away. It is unknown if New Kid will appear in any more episodes, or if Chyna still has feelings for him. He was not credited but is portrayed by Payton Scott.