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"New Horizons" was the theme song of the now defunct Horizons attraction at Epcot.


If we can dream it, then we can do it
Yes we can, yes we can
If we can dream it, then we can do it
yes we can, yes we can

Have you ever looked beyond today into the future?
Picturing a world we've yet to see...
The wonder.. of finding new ways that lead to the promise brighter days...

Have you ever dreamed the dream of the children?
Just imagine the magic their minds can see
(If we can dream it)
Horizons, all shining and new
Horizons were dreams do come true
They do come true!

And it will be...
A future filled with care
For you and me...
A world we all can share

For today holds the challenge to make this world a better place to be
New horizons for you and for me

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