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The New Avengers Facility is the location that the Avengers use as there headquarters after the defeat of Ultron.


The New Avengers Facility previously served as a warehouse of Stark Industries owned by Howard Stark. With running of the time and Stark's death this place was abandoned until the Avengers took up residence here.

In 2015, Nick Fury went to New Avengers Facility to inform Black Widow about the possible location of Bruce Banner. Meanwhile, Thor and Tony Stark said goodbye to Captain America as one returned to Asgard and the other wanted a normal life. Later, Captain America and Black Widow led the first training of the New Avengers which consisted in: Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch and Vision.

A couple of months later, Falcon was in charge of protecting the New Avengers Facility. During his watch, he realized that someone had infiltrated into the facility with unknown reasons. That someone was Scott Lang, who presented him as Ant-Man. Wilson asked Lang the reason of his infiltration; Lang replied that he only was looking for a device that he needed. That answer did not like Falcon and immediately attacked Lang, who using the skills of his suit and attack techniques that Hope showed managed to defeat an Avenger. After his defeat, Falcon asked to someone not to tell Cap about what happened.


New Avengers Facility

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