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"Never Mind, Bo-Peep" is a sad song in Babes in Toyland.


Mary: (talking) Oh No! they can't be lost, did you look in the fields?

Mother Goose: Did you search the hills?

Bo-Peep: Yes i searched everywhere.
(Singing) My sheep are gone for good, there goes our livelihood.
I’m sure, my poor, sweet, fleecy things would come home.
If they could.
But they are lost, you see, as lost, as lost can be,
and I must weep because my sheep cannot return to me.

Mary: No, oh, no, they’re not gone for good.

Bo-Peep: Yes, oh, yes, they are gone for good.

Mother Goose: Oh, no.

Bo-Peep: Oh, yes.

The Villagers: Oh, no.

Bo-Peep: Oh, yes.

The villagers: Never mind, Bo-Peep,
we will find you sheep wherever they may roam.

Women: Dry your tears, Bo-Peep.

Men: Have no fears, Bo-Peep.

The Villagers: Very soon you’re sheep will be home.

Mary and Mother Goose: For a while, Bo-Peep, try to smile,
Bo-Peep and try to keep this fact in mind, when they’re ready to,
they’ll come home to you wagging their tails behind.

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