Nessie is the protagonist in the 2011 Disney short The Ballad of Nessie.



Nessie is a sweet and beautiful creature. She gets sad very easily when something awful happens to her.

Role in the film

Nessie once lived a peaceful live in a small pool with her rubber duck McQuack, until Tycoon MacFroogle paved it and the surrounding land over to create a golf course. Though so distressed that she wanted to cry, she was dissuaded from this course by an observing bird and so decided instead to find a new home. However, every attempt proved fruitless, and each observer she encountered expressed the same sentiment against crying as the bird. Finally, after a long journey without success, Nessie broke down and cried a literal flood of tears; once they were spent, she discovered to her astonishment that they had produced a perfect new home for her: Loch Ness where she and her rubber duck, MacQuack would live peacefully forever afterwards.