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The Nazis are the main antagonists in Disney's 1971 film, Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

They stage an amphibious landing near Pepperinge Eye under the command of Colonel Heller in the Wehrmacht, who lies that "This is no invasion, this is just exercise." Miss Eglantine Price first attempts to show her witchcraft by transforming the commanding officer into a "nice, white rabbit", but can't remember the spell and her claim to be a witch is taken as nonsense. Later, however, she casts a powerful spell which causes old British military uniforms and suits of armor to be occupied by their ghosts, a slew of soldiers from history such as Redcoats and Highlanders rise up, causing the Nazis embarrassment as well as defeat. However, when the Nazis blow up her workshop, the spell is broken when Miss Price (who was flying nearby) is caught at the edge of the explosion and is blown into nearby bushes, thus losing her concentration on the spell. As the mortified Nazis are leaving the land, the Home Guard appear at the coast and fire shots as the Nazis retreat back to the Kreigsmarine submarine that brought them to England. Presumably, they return to their native country of Germany or another Nazi-occupied area.


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