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Namontack is Kocoum's best friend in Pocahontas.

Namontack is first seen observing the settlers and signaling to his friend Kocoum how many he's counted. When the fight breaks out, he gets shot in the leg by Governor Ratcliffe. Ben then tries to finish him off, but Kocoum bursts in and stops him. He then carries Namontack back to the village where he gets medical treatment from Kekata. He was later shocked at the death of Kocoum at the hands of Thomas who saved John Smith from being killed by him.


  • He is based on Chief Powhatan's servant who was given to Christopher Newport. Newport took him to London on April 10, 1608 to meet the Virginia Company's investors. Namontack remained there for four months. He left for Virginia with Newport in July, but arrived there in September.
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