The mystery in dracula's castle

Mystery in Dracula's Castle is a 1973 made for television film. It originally broadcast on The Wonderful World of Disney as a two part episode. The first episode aired on January 7 and the second part aired on January 14.


Single mother Marsha Booth is a book writer with a deadline . . . and two rambunctious young sons. The boys are not happy at the thought of spending the summer at their rented seaside cottage because it means leaving their best friend, Morgan, in the city for a sleepy little beach town where nothing ever happens. Alfie, the eldest, is a budding filmmaker who decides to make use of the local lighthouse as "Dracula's Castle" with little brother Leonard in the lead role. They are accompanied by their babysitter, teenager Jean (who is the sheriff's daughter) and their new sidekick, a mutt named "Watson". But, unbeknownst to them, two local thieves Keith and Noah are hiding the prized Daumier diamond necklace that they stole in the lighthouse (it is valued at $100,000!) and don't fancy a group of nosy kids hanging around. Will Alfie & Co. find themselves in over their heads and will the truth really be found in the celluloid?


  • Clu Gulager as Keith Raynor
  • Mariette Hartley as Marsha Booth
  • Johnny Whitaker as Alfie
  • Mills Watson as Noah Baxter
  • John Fiedler as Bill Wasdahl
  • James T. Callahan as Sheriff
  • Scott C. Kolden as Leonard
  • Maggie Wellman as Jean Wyndham
  • Jean-Michel Michenaud as Morgan (as Gerald Michenaud)
  • Link Wyler as Patrolman
  • Peter Renaday as Detective
  • Ben Wrigley as Grave Robber

Production credits

  • Director: Robert Totten
  • Writer: Sue Milburn
  • Country:USA
  • Language:English
  • Release Date: January 7, 1973
  • Production Co:Walt Disney Productions
  • Runtime:91 min