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"My Tutor, Tutor" is the forty-third episode overall and the twenty-second episode of the second season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Max is trying to make Jerry's chair disappear, but ends up making himself invisible. Justin comes in, and asks if he was holding his wand backwards. When Max makes himself visible again, he realizes he needs the tutor that Jerry hired for him. Alex comes into the lair and is worried she might be next, but Justin says he'll scare the tutor away in disgrace with his vast knowledge of wizardry.

The tutor, named Tutor Hatchback, comes in and Justin becomes smitten with what Max calls "a cute blonde chick."

During a lesson, Tutor mentions Judy Axehand. Alex is happy that she's into the same wizard comic book, and starts to like Tutor. Justin wants to make Tutor his girlfriend, and indirectly asks her out.

Max is doing really great in his lessons. But when Justin and Alex find out that she is going to leave when Max is done, they purposely cause Max to fail. Tired and tricked into holding the wand wrongly, he fails his final lesson and Tutor stays to keep tutoring.

While hanging out with Justin and Alex, Theresa explains to Max that they foiled him. Max goes to The Leprechaun Grill and tells Tutor. Alex almost had it sold that they ever tried to foil him, but Justin doesn't want to lie and tells Tutor it's true.

Before Tutor leaves, they found out she is half-elf and that is why they both liked her; elves have this magical quality that attracts people to them.


  • Into thin air, send this chair – make an object disappear
  • Archery and plumbing is the only way to keep that thief from getting away – create a toilet plunger that is shot off a bow
  • When in doubt, inside-out – take an object out of another object

Guest Stars

Paulina Olszynski as Tutor Hatchback and Dana Michael Woods as Leprechaun.


  • David DeLuise, who portrays Jerry Russo, is absent in this episode.

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