"My Irreplaceable Rabbit" is a song in Adventures in Wonderland in the episode "Techno-Bunny". It was sung by the Red Queen saying no one's better than the White Rabbit after Techno-Bunny got destroyed.


From breakfast in bed to bakin’ the bread,
he waxes the sled and cleans out the shed.
He keeps everything red, and it must be said
he’s becoming a habit, he’s my irreplaceable rabbit.
He guards the royal jewels and washes the mules,
the fire he fuels and he fixes the tools.
He enacts my new rules, he fluffs up my throne,
answers my phone. Why, he is a space
I could never replace, he’s the smile on my face,
he’s a true and loyal bunny, helps me when my nose is runny,
he shampoos the carpets when they
start to look muddy, he climbs trees full of bees,
just to get me honey, and he even
makes sure that my birthdays are sunny and it must
be said he’s a delightful habit, he’s my irreplaceable rabbit.