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"My Finest Hour" is a deleted song from Aladdin. It was to be sung by Jafar when he used Genie to turn into a sultan and a sorcerer, and then takes over Agrabah. This song was used as a Disney Movies Anywhere bonus feature on the Aladdin page.


Genie: (speaking) Y'know, Al, I'm getting really [spots Jafar] I - don't think you're him. Haven't I seen your picture in the post office side view?

Jafar: (speaking) I am your master now!

Genie: (speaking) I was afraid of that.

Jafar: (speaking) Afraid?

(singing) Oh, I love it when you say

Two words, second rate, what a thrill!

And you, my porky protege.

Are the means of I shall use to instill!

Trepidation, terror, in the hearts of those who kept me out of power!

So prepare to bust a gut

As I unleash a glut

Of wishes- nothing but My Finest Hour!

(speaking) Genie, grant me my first wish! I wish to rule on high as SULTAN!

[Cut to outside Agrabah.]

Sultan: (speaking) What is this? What's going on?

Jasmine: (speaking) Father?

[Sultan loses his clothes to Jafar.]

Sultan: (speaking) Jafar, you vile betrayer!

Iago: (speaking) That's Sultan Vile Betrayer to you!

Aladdin: (speaking) Oh yeah? We'll just see about that! [Pulls out his turban only to find the lamp gone] The lamp.

Jafar: (speaking) Finder's keepers, buckaroo! What a gentleman for our Prince Ali!

Aladdin: (speaking) Oh, boy.

[As Genie lifts the palace, Aladdin whistles for Carpet]

Aladdin: (speaking) Genie, no!

Genie: (speaking) Sorry kid. I got a new master now.

Sultan: (speaking) Jafar, I order you to stop!

Jafar: (speaking) You can order to your bloom! There's a new order now, bow to me!

Jasmine: (speaking) We will never bow to you!

Iago: (speaking) Why am I not surprised!

Jafar: (singing) You're worse than foolish

If you peasants aren't prepare to bow, then cower!

Now, it really going tow

Genie thank this wish down

It's a killer and will drown My Finest Hour!

(speaking) GENIE! My second wish! I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer, IN THE WORLD!!!!

Aladdin: (speaking) Genie, stop!

Iago: (speaking) Ladies and gentlemen, a warm Agrabah welcome for Sorcerer Jafar!

[Jafar becomes sorcerer thanks to Genie.]

Jafar: (speaking) Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Abject humiliation!

(singing) Now, my pretty puppet faith

Make a part for your heart and bloom in.

Iago: (speaking) He is an urchin from the far streets of Agrabah. Say hello to your dream day.

Jafar: (singing) As he was was when you was left,

Form a rodent which ends Prince Ali!

Iago: (speaking after Jafar changes "Ali" back to Aladdin) Or should we say, Aladdin!

Jasmine: (speaking) Ali!

Aladdin: (speaking) Jasmine, I tried to tell you.

Jafar: (singing) Your magic conquered

Just get hold a candle through a flying tower!

Iago: (speaking) Now, let's see, where does he belong? Uh, could it be, uh, the ends of the earth?

Jafar: (speaking) Works for me!

(singing) Arrive beyond the pail

With a rocket on your tail

And your journey would unbail

For a travel on your scale

That would make a cattle quail

Where the doom and dying wail

At the world's just fine hail

My Finest Hour!

[Jafar blasts Aladdin away]

Iago: (speaking) Good bye, see ya! I hope you get your rights!

[Jafar laughs evilly over his triumph.]



  • Despite not appearing in the film as intended, an instrumental version of the song's first verse can be heard throughout the film's score, as Jafar's theme.

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