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My Babysitter's a Vampire is a Canadian movie and a following-up television series produced by Fresh TV and made for Teletoon. The movie aired in Canada on October 16, 2010, and airing for the television show began in 2011. Disney announced that it had the rights to the series and its movie on June 10, 2011, and began airing it in the United States on June 27, 2011.

Premise Edit

Movie Edit

Ethan and Benny are two nerdy and awkward best friends getting ready to begin high school, until Ethan gets in trouble for not properly taking care of his little sister, Jane. Ethan's parents then decide to begin hiring a babysitter to take care of the two, named Erica. As Ethan and Benny begin high school along with their scatterbrained friend, Rory, they meet Erica and discover how big of a nerdy fangirl she is over the teen-vampire love movie series, Dusk. Erica and her best friend, Sarah, however are having conflicts caused by Sarah's vampire ex-boyfriend, Jesse, whom Erica, unknowingly has turned Sarah into a vampire as well.

On her way to her first babysitting job at Ethan's house, Erica encounters Sarah and Jesse arguing, to which Jesse persuades Erica to come to a party that he is hosting. Erica agrees and Jesse fights with Sarah and he throws her at the porch of Ethan's house right where his parents are expecting the missing babysitter. Sarah explains that Erica was sick and could not make the gig, and she sent her to take her place. Ethan's parents have no problem and leave immediately. Ethan quickly becomes suspicious of Sarah because of a vision he has when he touched her. She then leaves to try and get Erica away from the party because the guests are all hungry vampires, to which Benny and Ethan curiously follow and leave Benny's grandmother to watch Jane. The two see her suck the blood from a rat, and begin freaking out; Sarah notices them and quickly explains her vampire status of choice, a fledging, which is a vampire that refrains from drinking human blood and does not have nearly all the powers of a full vampire. Sarah takes the relieved boys home, only to be attacked by a vampire henchman sent by Jesse. Sarah is able to take him down, and they quickly make their way to the party. The boys unexpectedly find Rory there, completely oblivious as to what is really happening. Unfortunately, feeding time rolls around, and Erica is turned into a vampire, who then falls victim to the temptation and bites Rory, turning him into a vampire as well.

After some battling with vampires, Benny, Ethan, and Sarah are able to get escape, heartbroken because they knew their friends can never be what they used to be. The next day at school, Rory, already a full vampire, tells them of Jesse and his gang's next move. The boys and Sarah follow them to a church where Ethan has a vision of an unusual small chest named the "Nest of Souls" and another vision of the number 219. The group does some research, and are able to figure out Jesse's plan. In an old book they find, they learn of their town's history including a vampire cult of whom, 219 of them were burned by the townspeople during a lunar eclipse. In one of Ethan's visions he foresees that Jesse, the original creator of the cult, plans on using the box to capture the souls of teenagers seeing the premiere of Dusk III at the theaters, and then use the souls to resurrect the 219 vampires during a lunar eclipse that day.

Benny's grandmother then informs the group that she is a magical being, know as an Earth Priestess and so is Benny. She then provides Ethan insight on why he has visions; he is a seer and has visions of future events or symbols through contact with an enchanted object or person. Before the trio leaves, Benny's grandmother gives them enchanted daggers and a spell book for Benny to aid them to take down the vampires. At the theaters, Jesse's reign has already begun. Sarah, Ethan, and Benny manage to vanquish most of the vampires in the theater, except Jesse, who escapes. Ethan once again has a vision of a tree in his backyard, where the "Nest of Souls" box is buried. The boys hurry find Jesse as lunar eclipse begins and he tries to resurrect the souls of the dead using the box and attempts to hold down the boys, until Sarah intervenes and the box is magically taken away from Jesse by one of Benny's spells. Ethan manages to get hold of the box and releases the angry teenagers' souls whom attack Jesse and imprison him in the box.

The next day, at school the friends meet up with Erica and Rory who have decided to live peacefully as vampires.

Series Edit

Throughout the two seasons of the show, the dorky duo Ethan and Benny encounter many supernatural beings and with their newfound powers and the help of their vampire friends, including Sarah, they always manage to defeat whatever evil comes their way.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Ethan Morgan (Matthew Knight) - the main protagonist of the series, Ethan is a seer who has visions through contact. The awkward, yet lovable teenage boy's best friend is Benny and he develops a crush on Sarah during the series.
  • Benny Weir (Atticus Mitchell) - the goofy, and loud best friend of Ethan who has magical abilities of spell-casting.
  • Sarah Fox (Vanessa Morgan) - a vampire friend to Benny and Ethan, who has many abilities as a supernatural being, but wishes to be normal once again. She is loyal to the bone and her best friend is Erica.
  • Erica Jones (Kate Todd) - once a wallflower, is now one of the sassiest and pretty vampires in the series. Despite her rough exterior, she has a heart of gold underneath.
  • Rory Keaner (Cameron Kennedy) - although a bloodsucking vampire, Rory still maintained his goofiness and goodhearted nature. He often is the reason for the group's conflicts.
  • Evelyn Weir (Joan Gregson) - Benny's grandmother and the source of the groups' knowledge and wisdom. She knows how to get the boys out of any situation they get themselves into. She is an Earth Priestess and has magical abilities and extensive knowledge over supernatural occurrences.

Antagonists Edit

  • Jesse (Joe Finical) - the series main antagonist. He is an ancient, evil vampire bent on destruction to the town and its residents. He makes his comeback in a big way near the end of the second season.

Trivia Edit

  • Vanessa Morgan, the actress for Sarah, has appeared on A.N.T. Farm as Cameron's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa LaFontaine.
  • Atticus Mitchell, the actor for Benny, has also appeared in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Radio Rebel as Gabe LaViolet, a member of the band, The G's.

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