Mustang! is a western film co-directed by Roy Disney (Walt's brother) and Frank Zuniga. The 1973 drama, originally ran on the Sunday night television classic series, The Wonderful World of Disney. Mustang! features brilliant photography, especially of the wild mustangs as they frolic and manage to (usually) avoid their would-be captors.


Pechudo is a magnificent jet-black stallion who epitomizes the adjective, "freedom." Running wild in Mexico, Pechudo and his running mates are constantly being sought out and captured by ranchers. Time and again, however, Pechudo would elude capture, then return and seek out his fellow mustangs and free them, and the adventure would repeat itself. Finally, Pechudo is indeed, captured. He finds an ally, however, in a young boy who convinces his father to let him keep the beautiful horse and try to train him.


  • Charles Baca as Señor Delgado
  • Flavio Martinez as Julito
  • Ignacio Ramírez as Ruiz (as Ignacio Ramirez)
  • Eloy Casados (as Phil Casados)
  • Chico Morrison
  • Alfonso Cantu as Raton
  • Pete Gallegos
  • Tomás Sánchez (as Tomas Sanchez)