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Muppet Robin Hood is the first of five 4-issue "Muppet Classics" comic book mini-series published by Boom! Studios. As the title suggests, it is an adaptation of Robin Hood featuring the cast of The Muppets.


Muppet cameos include Nigel (the one from Muppets Tonight, issue #2), Wayne and Wanda (issue #2), Bean Bunny (issue #3), the Snowths (issue #3), Lubbock Lou (issue #3), Gramps (issue #3), Zeke (issue #3), Beauregard (issue #4), Spamela Hamderson (issue #4), Fleet Scribbler (issue #4), and Andy and Randy Pig (issue #4).

Tim Beedle had to make a few changes in the casting. He had originally intended to use Gonzo as the sheriff and Rizzo as Guy of Gisbourne, but Disney was interested to see Sam the Eagle as the sheriff, so Beedle did some rearranging of the cast (he had originally planned for Sam to play Will Scarlett).

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