Mucky is a Dirt Urchin Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. He has been seen in many episodes, pictures, and Slugisodes, although Eli rarely uses Mucky in combat.


Even though Eli doesn't first fired Mucky until "Lightwell" he still has been seen from The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1 onwards.

Known Attacks

  • Protoform Abilities - Can stick like a burr.
  • Sandburr - Curls up into a spiky ball and hits opponent.
  • Chortlesnort - Shoots spikes like a porcupine.

Fusion Shots


  • ElectroSpear: "Mucky"+"Joules" - Once the slugs start spinning, electrified needles are shot out.



  • He is often seen riding on Suds.
  • He was first fired in "Lightwell" as part of a fusion shot with Joules.