Char 32101

Mrs. Tonitini (voiced by Lisa Kaplan) is Tino Tonitini's mother in The Weekenders. She usually is able to give helpful and insightful advice to Tino about how he should cope with his problems. She is known for her unique style of cooking and unusual meals, which are disliked by Tino and his friends. From the beginning of the series, she is divorced, although she begins a relationship with Dixon. Her first name is sadly not given throughout the entire series. She is also beautiful but very sarcastic, especially with Tino. She is a very easy going mother and tries to give Tino advice when needed. She is very concerned with cooking healthy meals like seaweed casserole, tofu, and other dishes that nobody likes but Tino eats even when it gives him nightmares. She also does impressions and sometimes lectures Tino. She has short brown hair, curves, large hips, and a big behind.