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Mrs. Potts Other Children
Mrs. Potts' other children.
Background information
Feature films Beauty and the Beast
Television programs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance Young teacups.
Occupation Mrs. Potts other sons and daughters and Chip's brothers and sisters
Alignment Good.
Goal To help their mother Mrs. Potts serve tea to the Beast and guests and to help their mother defend the castle against the villagers.
Home Beast's Castle
Relatives Mrs. Potts (mother) and Chip Potts (brother)
Allies Mrs. Potts, Chip Potts, Belle, Cogsworth, Lumiere, Beast
Enemies Gaston, LeFou, Villagers
Likes Helping their mother Mrs. Potts, dancing to the song Be Our Guest
Dislikes Gaston and the villagers attacking their castle.
Powers and abilities
Weapons Hot Tea
Fate Possibly turned back into human again, although at the end Mrs. Potts is only seen with Chip.

Mrs. Potts's Other Children are characters from Beauty and the Beast.

As inferred by their name, besides Chip, Mrs. Potts had at least six other children. Like their brother, the children were transformed into a teacup set.


Beauty and the Beast

They were first alluded to when Mrs. Potts was putting her son, Chip, into the cupboard for the night, despite the latter's protests, shortly before Belle entered the kitchen after leaving her room during the first night at the castle. Despite this, however, they were later awake and helping prepare Belle's meal (Be Our Guest). They aren't seen until the climax of the film, where they aided their mother in driving out the invading villagers, more specifically pouring hot tea onto a bald, mustachioed baker. They aren't seen in the film after this, although they are implied to have regained their human form.

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