"Mr. Toad" is a song sung by Toad throughout the 1996 adaptation of The Wind in the Willows.


Oh the clever men at Oxford know all that needs to be known
but they none of them know one half as much as clever old Mr. Toad

The world has held great heroes as history books have shown
but never a name goes down to fame compared to that of Toad

The army all saluted as they marched along the road
Was it the King or the President? No it was Mr. Toad

The judge was apoplectic, he thought he might explode
he'd never been faced with a prisoner as bold or as brave as Mr. Toad

The police could never catch him he was so nimble-toed
he escaped from their clutches for none knows as much as the amazing Mr Toad

The officers couldn't believe it they oohed! and ahhhed! and ohhed
as high up above them he flew like a bird the incredible Mr. Toad

Oh nobody knew how to catch him so clever and nimble-toed
they couldn't snitch or snatch him, that elusive Mr Toad.