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"Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit" is the eighty-seventh and final episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


The news of a visit from Mr. Tipton gets the employees excited and they start reminiscing about their good deeds, while thinking about who deserves a possible $50,000 bonus. When Mr. Tipton arrives he is in a bad mood, which means somebody will be fired and nobody will get the raise. All fingers point to Carey because of the boys' mishaps, but Zack & Cody come up with a plan, involving Muriel, to protect their mother. Muriel makes a mistake in front of Mr. Tipton and he fires her, not realizing that she had already retired some time ago, also Mr. Moseby accidentally breaks the vase in the hotel.


  • This is a flashback episode and aired during "The Suite Life and Times of London Tipton" marathon.

Guest stars

  • Estelle Harris as Muriel, Brian Stepanek as Arwin, Bob Joles as Mr. Tipton

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