Mr. Patel is one of the three main antagonists of Disney's 1989 live-action film Cheetah, alongside Abdullah and Nigel. He is a covetous store owner who wants to collect money for him and his friends by making Duma race against greyhounds, because of his uncle. However, their plan was foiled by Ted, Susan and Morogo, the protagonists and deuteragonist of the film.


Patel is first seen at his store after the Johnson family decide to say goodbye to Morogo and Duma when they leave Africa.

Later, Patel tells Abdullah about the idea of racing Duma against greyhounds. When the trio go to the Johnsons' house, Patel sneaks into the house to get the cheetah whistle. After he got the whistle, they capture Duma.

The trio decide to train her for running fast. While Duma didn't go far, Nigel calls her a lazy pussycat. Ted, Susan and Morogo have to go out and save Duma.

When Ted and Susan try to rescue Duma, they get caught by the trio. However, Morogo sets them free from the cage and go after them. The trio are later seen when Duma is racing against the greyhounds. Duma was about to lose the race, but Ted snatches the whistle from the racetrack cop and Duma wins. Patel and Nigel then lose the bet.

It is assumed that Mr. Patel and Nigel were arrested after this.


  • Mr. Patel may have seemed friendly to Duma and the Johnson family, but he was actually against them.