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Doc mcstuffins father
Mr. Marcus McStuffins
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Doc McStuffins
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Gary Anthony Williams
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dad
Personality Smart, caring, fatherly, intelligent
Appearance Slender, curly brown hair, brown skin, brown eyes, cream shirt, red blouse, brown trousers, dark brown shoes
Occupation Stay-at-home dad, Doc and Donny's father, Dr. McStuffins' husband
Alignment Good
Goal To take care of Doc and Donny
Home California
Relatives Doc McStuffins (daughter), Donny McStuffins (son) Dr. McStuffins (wife)
Allies Doc McStuffins, Donny McStuffins, Dr. McStuffins
Likes Doc and Donny, carrots, camping, fun
Dislikes Hurting himself
Powers and abilities
Quote "Want a carrot, Doc? Fresh from the garden."

Mr. McStuffins is one of the main characters from the Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins. He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.

Role in the series

He is Doc and Donny's father and usually stays at home and cooks dinner while his wife is at work. He loves taking the kids to fun places and having fun with them.


Mr. McStuffins is slender with curly brown hair, brown skin and brown eyes. He also wears a cream shirt, a red blouse, brown trousers and dark brown shoes. He usually wears a white cooking apron when he is cooking in season 2.


Mr. McStuffins is fatherly and intelligent at times, but sometimes when he is stuck in a problem while doing something, he is mostly funny and comedic. He is sometimes helpful to Doc and Donny when they are doing something, like near the start of the episode Keep On Truckin', when Mr. McStuffins helps Donny create a truck to enter into the Big Wheely Dealy Contest, Donny adds a few more details the truck, calls it Tremaine and hugs his dad thank you.


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