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Mr. Jollyland is the proprietor of Jollyland. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

He first appeared in the Mickey Mouse Works cartoon "Roller Coaster Painters" where Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are hired to paint the Jollyland Amusement Park roller coaster. He added in an incentive: whoever paints the most wins a lifetime pass to Jolly-Land Amusement Park. Most of the cartoon featured Mickey and Donald fighting over the lifetime pass while Goofy ended up winning the pass with his sure-and-steady pace.

He later made cameo appearances in two other Mickey Mouse Works cartoons "Donald on Ice" and "Mickey's Christmas Chaos" where he gives prizes to the Abominable Snowman for being the first prize well-built snowman in the big snowman contest and Pluto's doghouse for being the first prize Christmas decorated house.