Mr. Invisible is a character in the Disney comic book series, which appeared for the first time in franchise Paperinik contra tutti (the Duck Avenger against all). Mr. Invisible appears in the last episode and in two other stories in addition to the saga: "The Return of Mr. Invisible" and "The Duck Avenger and the magic coin".


The Duck Avenger against Mr. Invisible

He first appears in the story "The Duck Avenger against Mr. Invisible" from Topolino #2696 of July 2007. He is invisible and thanks to this particularity can capture the Duck Avenger, to turn him into a living work of art in its collection. However, the hero is able to free himself and capture the bad guy.

The return of Mr. Invisible

In this story, from Topolino #2701, Mr. Invisible makes you believe he has become a good person, but his deception allows him to transform the Duck Avenger into a statue, and only thanks to Gyro Gearloose is he able to free himself, catching the bad guy.


  • He resembles the DC comics villain Gentleman Ghost, who also wears a hat on top of his invisible head, and wears a suit with a cape.