Mr. Delancey is a minor character, a science teacher, from Fillmore! He dislikes cats. He is voiced by Steve Carrell.


Mr. Delancey is a caucasian man with blond hair, blue eyes, wears a light blue shirt, brown tie, lab coat, black belt with a pale blue buckle, jeans.


In [3]Ingrid sees him for some inquiries concerning Eric Orben. She learns from Mr. Delancey that Eric is actually a straight A student, yet despite that, he'd been in detention 15 times, so Eric being an underachiever turns out to be just a front and he hides his reputation by faking that he doesn't do well academically. Ingrid finds it far-fetched, but Mr. Delancey explains to her that there are other things that don't always make a lot of sense and aren't what they seem. However, he doesn't believe that Eric was the one who poisoned Guildenstern.</p>


  3. Field Trip of the Just