Mr. Bundles is a minor character in Annie. He is the launderer of the orphanage who goes to bring clean bed sheets for the orphans' beds and take away dirty ones every month. He has an unrequited love for Miss Hannigan. He is portrayed by Ernie Sabella.

Role in the Film

Mr. Bundles is only shown in one scene. After cleaning their entire room (It's a Hard-knock Life), Mr. Bundles joyfully greets the orphans with fresh sheets. Unlike Miss Hannigan, Mr. Bundles seems happy to take care of the orphans, taking away their dirty sheets and replacing them whether they need it or not.

During his visit to the orphanage, Miss Hannigan impatiently guides Mr. Bundles through the orphans' sleeping quarters. She finds one of the orphans, Molly, buried underneath the sheets in a large hamper, and becomes annoyed.

Despite Miss Hannigan's impatience, Mr. Bundles continues his job with a smile. While he replaces the sheets and puts the dirty ones in a large hamper, he asks Miss Hannigan out on a date. Miss Hannigan rebuffs his request, saying that she is waiting for Oliver Warbucks. Mr. Bundles leaves with the hamper disappointed, unaware that one of the orphans, Annie, is hiding underneath the sheets.

The orphans, unable to control their laughter, announce to Miss Hannigan that Annie escaped the orphanage through the hamper. Miss Hannigan rushes out onto the streets to chase after Mr. Bundles, as the orphans watch from the window, laughing.

Later on, Mr. Bundles is mentioned by Annie in Oliver Warbucks' office. She says that she hasn't really seen anyone work before, other than Mr. Bundles, and decides that she would rather watch Oliver work than play elsewhere.


  • Mr. Bundles seems to be a very jovial and happy man, unlike Miss Hannigan. It is unknown why Mr. Bundles is so fond of her.
  • He has asked Miss Hannigan out several times before the day Annie escaped; she has replied no every single instance.
  • It is never mentioned what Mr. Bundles's first name is.
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