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The Mouse is the main antagonist in the animated short, Goliath II. He is an arrogant bully who takes pleasure in nothing more than frightening elephants with his dimunitive size. However, he finally meets his match when he comes face to face with Goliath II.

Role in the film

The Mouse gets a kick out of scaring elephants so, when Goliath I's herd has a run-in with him, everyone runs away scared of him (save for Goliath II). When he realizes that Goliath II isn't scared, he asks why, and Goliath II points out that he and the mouse are of similar size. The mouse, however, says that it doesn't matter because elephants are naturally scared of mice. After teasing Goliath II, he decides to count to 3, threatening to hurt the minature elephant if the latter doesn't run away in fear by then. When Goliath II still doesn't move, a fight ensues in which the mouse attempts to kill Goliath II by throwing him off a cliff and into the open mouth of a hungry crocodile. However, in the end, Goliath II is able to turn the tables on the mouse, who is the one left hanging over the crocodile instead and surrenders after some negotiation.


  • Timothy Q. Mouse and the Mouse from Dumbo share a few common things: they're both mice and they can easily scare elephants. But unlike Timothy, the Mouse is an arrogant bully who takes pleasure in nothing more than frightening elephants with his dimunitive size while Timothy scares elephants only if they are mean to Dumbo, he isn't a circus animal, he starts out as an antagonist at first, and he's Goliath II's enemy until his reformation after losing a battle with him.
  • The scene where the Mouse scares the elephant herd is recycled animation from Dumbo, where Timothy scares the Gossipy elephants.
  • Timothy Q. Mouse was an inspiration for the Mouse's creation.
  • Paul Frees, the Mouse's voice actor, also voiced Cousin Muscles from the Tom and Jerry short Jerry's Cousin at MGM, whom co-incidently is also a mouse.


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