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Mother and Child Y'all is a song from the Wander Over Yonder episode, "The Egg". It's dedicated to Wander's mission of reuniting the unhatched egg with the beast, said to be its mother. The song is first heard in Wander's fantasy of what will happen. It is heard again when the egg hatches. An instrumental version of this song is also heard when Sylvia learns the egg isn't in bad condition when it cracks.


First part:
Oh, yeah,
Mother and child, y'all,
Power of Love.
Second part:
Oh, yeah,
Mother and child, y'all,
It's the big reunion...
Wow! Look out, that's the wrong baby!

Background Information

  • This is the first song performed by Andy Bean.
  • The song's lyrics appear to match what happens in the episode, and when they say "Wow! Look out, that's the wrong baby!", it's a reference to the fact the baby that came out isn't the beast's baby and is used as a warning to what will happen in the next moment.

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